Rentals for Pick-up

Candy Molds, Chocolate Tempering Machine

We have polycarbonate molds for rent for aspiring professional chocolatiers. They rent in like pairs; each mold has 28-36 pieces so one recipe will typically fill the two trays. You can try out different styles before committing to a purchase. The polycarbonate molds are also for sale.

Rent a chocolate tempering machine! This machine takes all the guess and hassle out of tempering fine chocolate. Just put your chocolate in, turn on the machine, and 15 to 20 minutes later it is melted and tempered, ready to use. The "ChocoVision" tempering machine allows you to dip about 6 lb. of chocolate per hour.

The rental period for the molds or the machine, is for Friday - Sunday or Monday - Thursday. That way you can use them repeatedly through the weekend or evenings.

*Please Note :  There will be a $600 or $1000 hold on a credit card for rental of the tempering machines. This hold will be removed upon return of the machine.

Rental Item Price Note
Pairs of polycarbonate molds $5  
"Rev I or II" chocolate tempering machine $25 20 min. cycle
Chocovision 10 lb. temperer $50  

Rentals are for pickup only in Lake Forest Park. Deposit is required. Call 206-365-2025 for availability and to make a reservation.