Taught by Bill Fredericks

Chocolate Man

17171 Bothell Way NE  Lake Forest Park, WA


All classes $55.00 each or $95.00 for a couple

(Kids’ classes $29 each or two for $50)

Classes require $10 non-refundable deposit to hold spot

Refunds and reassigns available up to 3 days before class

Sign up at store or call 206-365-2025

All classes hands-on, everything provided


Introduction to Truffles                                            Jan. 20 Fri. 6-9 PM

Chocolate Tempering                                                Jan. 24 Tues. 6-9 PM

DWI truffles                                                            Jan. 27 Fri. 6-9 PM

Polycarb Molding                                                       Feb. 1 Wed. 6-9 PM

Truffles (level II)                                                        Feb. 4 Sat. 6-9 PM

Fruit and Wine Gels                                                  Feb. 7 Tues. 6-9 PM

Wine Truffles in Chocolate Box                             Feb. 11 Sat. 6-9 PM

Chocolate Box and Truffle (SSCC)                        Feb. 12 Sun. 1-4:30 PM

Dipping and Finishing Techniques                         Feb. 17 Fri. 6-9 PM

Marvelous Mousse                                                     Feb. 24 Fri. 6-9 PM

Mardi Gras DWI truffles & mask                          Feb. 28 Tues. 6-9 PM

Truffles (level III)                                                       Mar. 3 Fri. 6-9 PM

Introduction to Truffles                                            Mar. 6 Mon. 6-9 PM

Chocolate Tempering                                                Mar. 9 Thurs. 6-9 PM

Chocolate Shoe Party                                                Mar. 13 Mon. 6-9 PM

Irish Party with Chocolate                                       Mar. 16 Thurs. 6-9 PM

Truffles            Workshop (SSCC)                         Mar. 18 Sat. 10 AM-1:30 PM

Truffles (level IV)                                                       Mar. 21 Tues. 6-9 PM

Polycarb Molding                                                       Mar. 24 Fri. 6-9 PM

Truffles (level II)                                                        Mar. 29 Wed. 6-9 PM

DWI truffles                                                            Mar. 31 Fri. 6-9 PM



Chocolate Tempering

            Hands-on class dealing exclusively with tempering chocolate. Learn four different methods of tempering and how to conquer and command chocolate. We will use different techniques to temper chocolate, then melt it and try it again. We will not make centers. Bring your questions and problems to solve.


Chocolate Shoe Party

            Hands-on class making your own 100% chocolate shoe. Come with an idea of design and we will do it!! We will have 3 shoe forms cast and ready for you to pick from and awesomely decorate and color. We will teach you how to apply colors, glitter and various add ons. It will be 100% edible but you better show it off for a while first! Fill it with a bunch of truffles made in class.


DWI   (Dipping With Intensity) This is an adult only class.

             We will learn how to make a rum truffle, an incredible wine truffle, and a super boozy liqueur chocolate, and we will learn the secrets of making pure liquor filled chocolates. All to be taken home by the students and not consumed until you get off the road!


Dipping and Finishing Techniques          Learn the tricks of dipping chocolates with hands on experience. Hand dip centers plus learn fork dipping secrets and a multitude of ways to finish the top to mark them all differently. Emphasis is on hand dipping a multitude of shapes and finishing them spectacularly. Take home a box of hand dipped chocolates to prove your new expertise.


Introduction to Chocolate Truffles

For beginners with no experience. Learn the principles of making tasty ganaches and create four different truffles: a bar truffle, a French truffle, a hand dipped truffle, and a molded truffle. Take home a box of premium truffles to enjoy.


Irish Party with Chocolate

            Dye your hair red, put on a green shirt and let’s make Beer truffles, Irish Whisky Truffles, beer nuts and pot of gold cherries. Take home the Leprechauns cache of goodies to share. (or not)


Fruit and Wine Gels

            We will create pâte de fruits from scratch. Learn the technique to create your own unique combinations using real fruits; no artificial flavorings. We will apply the same technique to create wine gels. Cut them up, roll in sugar and everybody takes a large box of impressive gels home to savor and share. Technique and procedure is critical in these creations, and we will go into detail and explain this thoroughly to allow you to proceed in the future with fruits of your choice.


Wine Truffles in a Chocolate Box

            Impress your Valentine. Learn to make wine truffles and French truffles and present them in a colorful covered chocolate box you will create. Take home the goodies.


Marvelous Mousse

            We will make a classic chocolate mousse, a fruit mousse, and a liquor flavored mousse, as well as a simplified, safer mousse. Learn how to ruin a mousse and how to avoid such mistakes. Learn festive ways to present, add texture to, and decorate your mousse. Take them home to share, enjoy, and compare. This is a great anytime dessert.


Polycarbonate Molding

            Hands-on class working with professional polycarbonate molds. Learn how to use molds efficiently and learn several methods of adding pizzazz and elegance to the finished product: learn to spot, splatter, stripe, and brush the molds, and learn multiple finger swipe methods.  We will also introduce use of the airbrush to accent pieces with colored cocoa butter. Lastly, we will use transfer sheets and structure sheets and custom make our own transfer sheets. Practice and take home a box of molded truffles you make.


NOTE: Truffles Level II, III, and IV do not have to be taken in sequence, but should follow the Introduction to Chocolate Truffles class


Truffles Level II

            For those with some experience working with chocolate. We will make four ganaches into three truffles. We will create a classic buttercream ganache and pipe it into chocolate boats we will make. Next we will make two variations of gianduja and use them to create a two-layered hazelnut truffle. Lastly we will use strawberries and fresh basil to create an herb-infused fruit ganache. As always, bring home a box of incredible truffles to hoard or share.



Truffles Level III

            For those with some experience working with chocolate. We will make four ganaches into three truffles. First we will use local fresh fruit (or frozen) and create a fruit puree that is incorporated into the ganache. Next we will use fresh citrus to create a wonderful white chocolate ganache. Lastly we will create a fruit gel, then cover it with a ganache layer and cut that into two layered pieces. As always, bring home a box of incredible truffles to hoard or share.



Truffles Level IV     For those with some experience working with chocolate. We will make four truffles: a wine truffle, a burnt sugar based ganache, a sour cream ganache, and finally a coconut milk ganache   As always, bring home a box of incredible truffles to hoard or share.


SSCC classes are registered and paid at the college. See 206-934-5339 to register